Commercial Power Washer

If you happen to be interested about power washing services, here’s an article for you. Not the most intriguing discussion, yet I guarantee you, your interest or, well, probably need for power washing is all the answer.

Power washing services… I’m certain you’ve heard them at least either on the internet or through a noisy neighbor. It is a rather popular business service because of its effectivity in cleaning different materials like concrete, wood and even glass. Also, they have the ability sterilize the surfaces due to the heated water. Power washing is one of three washing strategies, all of which utilizes a pressure washer. We have the soft washing, pressure washing and our power washing.

Pressure Washing And Power Washing

Pressure washing and Power washing services are actually similar.
These are often used due to the pressure washers’ capability to shoot water at an angle to the ideal surface. Pressure washers are the most ideal choice for those who wants to wash hard-to-clean surfaces.

The three methods: soft, pressure, and power vary by the weight they apply. That weight is estimated by PSI or pounds per square inch and the standard PSI is 500. Soft washing makes use of lower pressure than pressure washing and power washing, with under 500 PSI. Power washing and pressure washing go higher than 500 and can reach up to 4000 PSI.

Back to the PSI, with these numbers, you’ll need to search for the right amount of pressure in case you’re going to clean a surface, particularly if that surface is fragile. This why pressure washers have nozzles.


Nozzles are a piece of a pressure washer; whose function is to build the velocity while containing the flow of the water. That way, the water can fire from the pressure washer in a specific angle, and it likewise makes a variety of how the water will shoot out. The quality will shift because of the distinction in pressure. Nozzles are labelled by different colors, in any case, the easier way to recall them is by alluding them to their individual angles.

Why Power Washing is Important

There are, altogether, seven types of nozzles however the most significant would be the principle four which are the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree and 40-degree nozzles. The higher the degree, the less pressure it uses.

• 0-degree shoots water directly from the pressure washer. This is utilized for eliminating layers of dirt that accumulated after some time.
• 15-degree nozzles make a small sheet of water and is chiefly used for melting off paint, or setting up the material for the paint.
• 25-degree forms a more extensive sheet of water and this is commonly utilized for various types of materials since it can clean without doing any harm.
• 40-degree forms the broadest sheet and uses the most minimal pressure. This is for glass and other delicate materials.

There are various services that incorporates pressure washing, for homes and vehicles. The benefits of power washing will be evident as your house gets power washed regularly. Cleaning your home at a regular basis can reduce damage caused by buildup of dirt and dust. With a starting price of 200 dollars, you can get your home power washed by professionals.

Prepared to get your home power washed? Try and book a power washing service!

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